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Batman The Animated Series by Rodolfo Reyes


The Onion’s new sister publication, Clickhole, did a recent article entitled “7 Ways They Could Totally Screw Up the New ‘Star Wars’ Movies.” As befits their mission statement of ridiculing those horrible clickbait sites, the list was total nonsense.

Number 7, however, happens to be the exact premise for a recent Sarcastic Voyage sketch. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. 

Update: almost immediately after I posted this to Twitter, I was personally contacted by the writer of this piece. He seemed legitimately concerned that I thought they were ripping me off. I never actually thought that, but the fact that this guy took the time to reach out and tell me that made me smile. It was a classy move, and also a reminder that I’m not the only one who lives in perpetual fear of inadvertently swiping someone else’s jokes.

Production DesignBlade Runner (1982)


“The White & Black Knights” 1911 A1 .45 Autos

by Mike Dubber Engraving Studio



‘Scully Likes Science’, A Musical Remix of Dana Scully From ‘The X-Files’ Extolling the Virtues of Science

I love you, Scully.

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dominodominates asked:So if Mouth Silence takes place pre-All Star, what about California Gurls? And Chop Suey? And What Does the Fox Say? Didn't those come out after May 4, 1999?
neilcicierega replied:

Mouth Silence takes place on May the 3rd, 1999, in a universe in which All Star does not exist.

There is a neighboring universe in which only All Star exists.

Music is able to fluidly cross time barriers.

The more powerful the music, the greater its ability to traverse time.

The power of All Star is so great that it destroyed all other music in its universe.

The power of All Star is so great that on May the 4th of 1999, it authors itself into the Non-Star universe.

Mouth Sounds takes place on that date.

Only Rob Thomas and his friend Carlos Santana know the truth.

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