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Chrono Trigger, SNES.


One of my most favorite things in the entire universe is Big Finish's Doctor Who audios. Fifteen years ago this month, they released their first Doctor Who play, and now they're celebrating with a daily deal for each year they've been in business. Today's deal (Day 2; good until Friday at 7pm BST, at which point a new sale for Day 3 begins) includes six £/$1 downloads, which means that for one pound/dollar each, you can have two hours of quality Doctor Who goodness. I want to draw attention to three of these stories, because they're among my favorite Doctor Who stories in any medium, and they can all work as introductory stories for those new to Big Finish.

  • Jubilee by Rob Shearman - Russel T Davies asked Shearman to adapt Jubilee into the Ninth Doctor episode Dalek. While it’s easy to identify the TV story’s roots in the audio, Jubilee is also a much darker, much funnier, and more fulfilling story (and I say this as someone who easily counts Dalek as among her top New Who episodes).
  • Spare Parts by Marc Platt - Spare Parts was the inspiration for the Series 2 Cyberman 2-parter, Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel (if you watch the credits, you’ll see Platt’s name). Spare Parts, however, is a very different story, one RTD considers “some of the finest drama ever written for any genre, in any medium, anywhere.”
  • The Holy Terror by Rob Shearman - Oscillating between farcical and supremely creepy, this is Steven Moffat’s favorite Sixth Doctor story. (Moffat’s favorite Eighth Doctor story, The Chimes of Midnight, was also written by Rob Shearman. Basically, Sherman writes fantastic stuff.)

For a full list of today’s deals, check out Big Finish’s Day 2 news item here, and check back for new deals every day.

Even if you don’t have the money to spend on any audios right now, you can still experience Big Finish through the offerings on their SoundCloud page, one of the free downloadable features previously published with Doctor Who Magazine, or their podcasts, which include interviews, behind the scenes peeks, and occasionally even a free “taster” episode.

And if you’re mostly just disappointed that this post has no gifs, check out the series of posts I did last year about people who have worked both with Big Finish and on the new series of Doctor Who, originally done in honor of the announcement of Big Finish’s 50th Anniversary audio special, The Light at the End :D

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Batman The Animated Series by Rodolfo Reyes


The Onion’s new sister publication, Clickhole, did a recent article entitled “7 Ways They Could Totally Screw Up the New ‘Star Wars’ Movies.” As befits their mission statement of ridiculing those horrible clickbait sites, the list was total nonsense.

Number 7, however, happens to be the exact premise for a recent Sarcastic Voyage sketch. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. 

Update: almost immediately after I posted this to Twitter, I was personally contacted by the writer of this piece. He seemed legitimately concerned that I thought they were ripping me off. I never actually thought that, but the fact that this guy took the time to reach out and tell me that made me smile. It was a classy move, and also a reminder that I’m not the only one who lives in perpetual fear of inadvertently swiping someone else’s jokes.

Production DesignBlade Runner (1982)


“The White & Black Knights” 1911 A1 .45 Autos

by Mike Dubber Engraving Studio



‘Scully Likes Science’, A Musical Remix of Dana Scully From ‘The X-Files’ Extolling the Virtues of Science

I love you, Scully.

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